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Building the Big Picture

The philosophy is simple: your financial position should improve after partnering with La Jolla Integrated Financial Solutions and Insurance Services (LJIFS). LJIFS  focuses on the big picture and provides clients with sound planning that helps satisfy their short term goals while building a lasting foundation. At La Jolla Integrated Financial Solutions and Insurance Services, client retention is the mark of success, and referrals are the biggest compliment. Through a time-tested consultation process that relies on continued education and open communication, LJIFS works to bring each clients’ goals to fruition.

Welcome to La Jolla Integrated Financial Solutions and Insurance Services

The financial world can be overwhelming. LJIFS strives to make it more personal by providing each client with personalized advice only after meeting with Steve to explore their unique situation and priorities. Steve values integrity above all, and provides full disclosures to remain transparent on transactions at all times because your best interests are what drive him.


Financial Strategies

Get a renewed perspective on your planning goals with a consultative process.  LJIFS specializes in helping grow your assets to provide a sustainable future.


With a network of highly rated partners and solutions, LJIFS can help strengthen your investment portfolio and provide short-term confidence that brings long-term success.

Money Management

The time-tested money management techniques will help satisfy your needs and protect your objectives.  LJIFS  utilizes the appropriate platforms and incorporate fee-based advisory services.

Long-Term Planning

Whether you’re looking ahead or want to manage your current plan, LJIFS will put you in the driver’s seat for retirement. An intricate analysis and optimized strategies will give you confidence in the next chapter of your life.

Our Areas of Experience

Holistic Financial Planning

When LJIFS understands your needs, LJIFS can help you fulfill them in a variety of ways.

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Life Insurance

LJIFS can help you and your family build a safeguard against the unexpected.

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Education Planning

LJIFS can help you strategize so you can give your kids the education they need.

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